Cuba Varadero

Hotel photo of Melia Marina Varadero in Varadero Cuba
A luxurious hotel for family or couple, a beautiful beach accessible by a footbridge, several restaurants, directly in the Marina Gaviota, Varadero for a different style, large pool, jacuzzi room ...
Hotel photo of Bellevue Puntarena Playa Caleta Resort in Varadero Cuba
A hotel directly on the beach for families and couples who enjoy the small complex. A beautiful beach, rebuild in 2009, now is beautiful with normal slop.. A medium size swimming pool with bar in the pool. buffet restaurant, one a la carte restaurant open for all season, one a la carte restaurant open only for high season, snack bar at pool and one snack bar open 24 hours. A gymnasium is available with air-conditioned, nautical center, ...
Hotel photo of Hotel Club Tropical in Varadero Cuba
Small hotel oh the beach with 143 rooms. Directly in Varadero. Economic hotel for young family or couple with low requirement: buffet restaurant with low selection of dishes, beautiful beach, small pool and timid animation.
Hotel photo of ROC Barlovento in Varadero Cuba
A medium size economic hotel located in the town of Varadero. Ideal for couples and families but no mini-club. for customers who like small town complex. Standard rooms in a main building or in small antique villas. A main pool of medium size, a children's pool and a swimming pool with Jacuzzi in the center near of the beach. A beautiful beach with a few palapas.Restoration with a suitable restaurant buffet and good a la carte restaurant of Mexican cuisine.
Hotel photo of Playa Alameda in Varadero Cuba
Directly on the beautiful beach, but marine algae at 40 meters. Luxurious and large rooms for couple or family. At 30 minutes of airport and 20 kilometers of Varadero. Quiet animation, disco and theatre with roof. mini-club available. average dimension pool. Good restoration.
Hotel photo of Memories Varadero Beach Resort in Varadero Cuba
Memories hotels since 2012. Ideal for family or couple. Very large dimension site with 21 building of 3 levels. Many restaurants, large buffet restaurant. Directly on the beautiful beach. Pool with high water slide and swimming pool, other pool quiet. beautiful mini-club for 0 at 12 years old. Beautiful rooms. good animation.

Hotel photo of blau Varadero in Varadero Cuba
Directly on the beautiful beach, for all customer type in 13 levels building. Average dimension site, large buffet restaurant and 2 a la carte restaurants. Large pool with jacuzzi. Good mini-club with small pool. Beautiful Lobby... Beautiful room with ocean view, large balcony. Quiet animation.
Hotel photo of Villa La Mar in Varadero Cuba
Economic hotel in city of Varadero, at 300 meters of beach. Originally, hotel for Cuban people. Highway is near, noise from highway and city. pool for adult and children. This old hotel need renovation... basic food at restaurant.
Hotel photo of Brisas del Caribe in Varadero Cuba
Economic 4 stars hotel. Ideal for familly, student or for wedding. Restaurant with buffet, 2 restaurant a la carte and buffet on the beach. Beautiful beach, Master building with normal dimension, room in section Brisas del sur are larger but at 300 meters of beach and services. good animation usually.
Hotel photo of ROC Arenas Doradas in Varadero Cuba
Ideal for family, but is correct for couple or single. Quiet hotel direclty on the beach, 11 building with 2 stair. Restaurant buffet and a la carte, restauration is correct at good.
Hotel photo of Be Live Experience Las Morlas in Varadero Cuba
Small hotel nearby Varadero with Europeen style, small pool, only two restaurants, but very beautiful beach. For student or europeen customer. Economic hotel.
Hotel photo of Mar del Sur in Varadero Cuba
Hotel in city of Varadero for small budget or long time vacancy. hotel at 200 meters of beach. Rooms and apartment are available. Many services not include... Rooms need renovation... restauration is basic. Mini-club available.

Hotel photo of Hotel Acuazul in Varadero Cuba
Hotel in city of Varadero, rooms in two towers. Economic hotel with minimum service, restauration is basic, small pool, Beautiful beach on other side of road. noisy hotel... Ideal for students with minimum budget.
Hotel photo of Breezes Varadero in Varadero Cuba
Hotel for adult customer (16 years old), ideal for golf player and couple. many sports available: tennis, basketball, gymnase,... Show are correct no more... restauration is correct, but italian restaurant is great. active animation. very beautiful site, similar to botanical garden.
Hotel photo of Breezes Bella Costa in Varadero Cuba
For all customer, but no disable persons. Hotel with one master builing and some villa. Rooms in villa are ideal for family, large suite with 2 bedrooms... Restauration is correct but change for better! Beautiful beach, small pool, mini-club available.
Hotel photo of Hotel Club Kawama in Varadero Cuba
Hotel in city of Varadero, directly on the beach, many different building for rooms. The first all inclusive hotel at Cuba, since 1950. Beautiful beach. Economic hotel. For young family, mini-club available. Restauration simple.
Hotel photo of Melia Peninsula Varadero in Varadero Cuba
Hotel for family or couple. mini-club with beautiful pool for children slide, ice cream bar for children, baby sitting,... Beautiful rooms with walkin, large pool, good restauration, beautiful beach but strong went and wave at november and april.
Hotel photo of Villa Tortuga in Varadero Cuba
Hotel in city of Varadero, directly on the beach, many building of different style, many differents rooms style... Younger building with ocean view. Beautiful beach. Economic hotel with mini-club for young family. Restauration is simple.
Hotel photo of Bellevue Puntarena Playa Caleta Resort in Varadero Cuba
For all customer, economic hotel with one building of 9 levels. Directly on beach, coarse sand and entry in sea with high slope. At 3 kilometers of Varadero. beautiful view from balcony. Discotheque directly in hotel. buffet restaurant and 2 a la carte restaurant.
Hotel photo of Club Amigo Aguas Azules in Varadero Cuba
Hotel for family or couple, quiet hotel directly on the beach. Economic hotel. Rooms in master building without balcony. Buffet restaurant, one restaurant a la carte with two specialities. Pool front of hotel, not good... Beach is very beautiful. Mambo club entrace is not include.
Hotel photo of Bellevue Palma Real in Varadero Cuba
For all customer, hotel directly in Varadero. At 300 meters of beach. Bar and services available on beach. some room with highway view, noisy. near disco and club of Varadero. Large pools. Restauration is correct.
Hotel photo of Barcelo Arenas Blancas in Varadero Cuba
hotel in Varadero, directly on the beach, one big building, large pool, beautiful beach, restauration is correct no more. many customers like this hotel for proximity of Varadero. For all customers, is economic 4 stars.
Hotel photo of Tainos in Varadero Cuba
hotel direclty on the beach. For all customers, quiet hotel with big master building and many villas. Restauration is correct at good. Beautiful beach. beautiful rooms in villa.
Hotel photo of Be Live Experience Turquesa in Varadero Cuba
For family or couples, quiet hotel with many villas. Directly on beach, at 8 kilometers of Varadero. Only One buffet restaurant and one snack bar, no other restaurant. Beautiful beach, water sports no-motorized, mini-club, large room.
Hotel photo of Paradisus Varadero in Varadero Cuba
Beautiful 5 stars hotel. Directly on the beach, luxurious restaurants, good show, good animation on the beach, SPA center. Beautiful beach with fine white sand, water sports no-motorized, mini-club, large room. Best for family or couples, no many single people.
Hotel photo of Sun Beach By Excellence Style Hotels in Varadero Cuba
Hotel in Varadero directly, beach on other side of road, two tower for rooms, one tower without balcony for room. Economic hotel, restaurant with minimum food... Small pool, small rooms. Ideal students or young couple with small budget.
Hotel photo of Melia Varadero in Varadero Cuba
Second hotel of sol melia group at Cuba. Directly on the beach, beautiful ocean view from rooms. quiet hotel. correct and good restaurant. One big building for all rooms. Bar spectacle are good. hotel for familly or couple.
Hotel photo of Las Americas in Varadero Cuba
Luxury hotel for adult only. Room with spectacular view of ocean. Junior suite are large but garden view. Quiet hotel, quiet animation. good restauration, beautiful beach. Good hotel for couple or golf player.
Hotel photo of Oasis Islazul in Varadero Cuba
Oasis Horizontes is small hotel before Varadero. Old hotel with some renovation, economic, only one buffet restaurant with minimum food and one small restaurant a la carte. The beach is not beautiful, big wave, reef,... 3 transports each day for Varadero.
Hotel photo of Mercure Playa De Oro in Varadero Cuba
Modern hotel design, directly on the beach, good animation, good hotel for disabled people, restauration correct, room in two tower with pools in middle. small gymnasium, disco, beautiful beach,...
Hotel photo of Naviti Varadero in Varadero Cuba
Hotel directly on private beach, wide complex, rectangular old style pool, beautiful lobby, good hotel for sports, good gymnasium, not recommended for disabled people.
Hotel photo of Sol Palmeras in Varadero Cuba
The first Sol Melia hotel at Cuba. Best for family and couple in villa or master building. Good restauration, directly on the private beach, many wedding, good disco, good animation, live music at restaurant...
Hotel photo of Melia Las Antillas in Varadero Cuba
Hotel for 16 years old costomer and more, good for wedding and adults couple. Directly on the beach,quiet hotel, good restauration, quiet animation but good show, Only Junior suite available in master building or villa.
Hotel photo of Royalton Hicacos Resort And Spa in Varadero Cuba
Luxury hotel for adult couple only. Directly on the beach with very fine white sand. At 16 kilometers of Varadero. quiet hotel, good restaurants, good service, large pool with jacuzzi and swimming bar.
Hotel photo of Sol Sirenas Coral
 in Varadero Cuba
Popular hotel, wide site, beautiful beach, mini-club, good theater, at 2 kilometer of Varadero, many restaurants, disco, many renovation each year. Many different type of room.
Hotel photo of Princesa Del Mar in Varadero Cuba
Luxury hotel for adult only. Directly on the beach, at 19 kilometers of Varadero. Beautiful hotel, SPA with many services, disco, room with jacuzzi, many good restaurants, Cigar Bar,..
Hotel photo of Solymar in Varadero Cuba
First hotel from Barcelo at Cuba. Directly on beach, at 300 meters of Varadero. One big building and 24 older bungalows. Very large beach, water sports motorized, mini-club, large pool, proximity of Varadero. Good Choice for all Customers...
Hotel photo of Blau Marina Varadero in Varadero Cuba
Luxury hotel open in 2005, for family, directly on the beach, at 20 kilometer of Varadero. Beautiful hotel, SPA, mini-club and baby-club, many rooms with ocean view, many restaurants and bar... Beautiful rooms,...
Hotel photo of Iberostar Varadero in Varadero Cuba
New luxury hotel for family. Directly on beach. At 15 km of Varadero. Beautiful building, good animation, special discotheque, SPA, mini-club, room with Ocean view, japanese restaurant...
Hotel photo of Starfish Cuatro Palmas in Varadero Cuba
Economic hotel, directly in city of Varadero, Colonial Style. Directly on the beach. Small hotel. Basic restauration. near disco and activity of Varadero.
Hotel photo of Club Los Delfines in Varadero Cuba
Small hotel, in city of Varadero, directly on the beach. Economic hotel. older hotel of Varadero, but new section offer better rooms, but small. Basic selection of restaurant.
Hotel photo of Tuxpan in Varadero Cuba
Small hotel, from italian company. Directly on beach. All characteristics of bigger hotel. many rooms with ocean view. near Varadero, golf and Mambo club. Beautiful disco la Bamba. Only 1 buffet restaurant and 1 a la carte restaurant. Beautiful beach.
Hotel photo of International in Varadero Cuba
Internation hotel is today 3 star only, but 40 years befoire was 5 star... Economic hotel, directly on beach, old pool style and basic restaurants. Beautiful beach, room is correct. 1 km from Varadero.
Hotel photo of Hotel Villa Cuba in Varadero Cuba
Popular hotel, beautiful and profound beach, 2 minutes of Varadero, include disco. Many Canadian people. Weakness is restaurant and animation weak. Some villas with pool. Many stairs in Master Building, you should use stairs for all displacement in hotel.